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Lourens Touwen

Coach / TMA talent professional

“Knowing is not enough: we must apply. Willing is not enough: we must do.”

 “We want to have a nice, maybe even good, job. We want to achieve something. And we would like our work to make us happier. But how do you achieve that? What is a sensible, balanced way of looking at work and then finding it?

As a coach I guide you in your quest to find an answer to your work and career questions, aligned to your phase of life. I do this by entering into “the real” dialogue with you.

By actively listening, asking the right questions, reflecting and confronting I let you get in touch with your “motives” and barriers. For example, by doing exercises. Creativity, solution-oriented approach, humor and working in a connecting way are important to me as a coach.

I completed several post-graduate courses to become a career professional and a coach. Before I finished my (post) higher vocational education and Masters studies in the fields of Human Resource Management and Business Administration.

Before my career switch to become a career coach I gained work experience in various positions in the field of people, work and development. Working with people has been the thread through my working life for over 30 years.

This allowed me to experience, see and feel what work does to people and their development. And how everyone finds their own way. Sometimes with ups and downs, as I experienced myself.

As a coach I am experienced in guiding this search, helping people switch to new and different positions and/or roles and supporting them to become an independent entrepreneur. I also guide people who are returning from burnout situations or other medical or psychological impairments.

As a self-employed Dynamisch Bureau also offers me a platform to connect with a group of enthusiastic colleagues. And we all aim for the same thing: that you can work pleasantly, well and meaningfully!”

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