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Karin Kleijwegt

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Slowing down or stopping will help you move forward.”

“If you no longer want to do your old job or if you’re no longer able to do it, it is good to think about the next step. What do you want or what can you (still) do? I like to help you pause to deliberately reflect and find answers. “Stopping helps you move forward.”

I have also been forced to make a different choice in my career. Due to a reorganization in 2016 my position as an HR advisor changed. Deep down I knew that this new position would not make me happy. I followed my heart and took the opportunity to become a career coach.

In 2002 I started in job placement. For years I worked as an intermediary at an employment agency and later on as an account manager at a secondment agency. When I wanted to specialize more in the field of personnel management, I took up studying Human Resources (HR) and then started working as an HR advisor. First at PostNL and in 2013 I made the switch to the municipality of Almere, where I still work part-time. In order to fully master the profession of career coach, I attended higher vocational training to become a career coach.

So far I helped many people in their next career move to their satisfaction. The combination of my experience in job placement, Human Resources and career coaching makes me a pragmatic, labor market oriented career coach. I have a lot of experience in guiding employees in From Work To Work processes, reintegration, outplacement and voluntary mobility processes.

I think it is valuable to make more than just a practical contribution to your guidance process. I see the proverbial “letting the penny drop” as my mission!

I joined Dynamisch Bureau because together the career coaches of Dynamisch Bureau know more than we could possibly know all by ourselves. We motivate, inform and inspire each other. We will transfer this on to you! We also have a large network of organizations where you might possibly make a new start. We can make progress together!

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