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Denise van Marwijk

Career coach / TMA talent professional

“The recipe: work from your heart!”

“I believe that following your heart in combination with a pinch of common sense can get you to the workplace that suits you best. I like to guide you to (re) find your talents and use them in the right workplace.

One thing I have learned during my career: “wherever you work, there is always something.” Everywhere there are changes, reorganizations, new developments. It is just like the weather: sometimes the weather is bright and you feel happy, but there are also days that are foggy or days with a lot of wind. I find it interesting to help you find out how you could deal with these changes in the best possible way.

I experienced quite a few changes in my own career. Sometimes  on my own accord, sometimes as a result of other people’s choices. The latter is certainly not always easy.

Soon after finishing my studies I found out I was at the wrong work place. Later on I decided to retrain and take control of my own life and career.

For years I enjoyed working in marketing and (change) communication, as an employee and later on as a freelancer. The connection with people inspired me the most: “who is the person sitting opposite me? What is the question behind the question? How is it that people sometimes manage to deal with setbacks so easily? And why is it such a hard job for others?”

I decided to follow my heart again and opted for a coaching course and then was trained in Psychosocial basic knowledge. I was also trained as a mindfulness teacher. I followed various training courses in the field of agile working, systems thinking, compassion and interpersonal mindfulness.

I enjoy working as a career coach via Dynamisch Bureau. Together with all coaches we form a close team, in which we all contribute from our own expertise and background. As a result, we can learn from each other and continue to develop as coaches. Last but not least: together we form a large network for our coachees.”

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