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Cees Eenhoorn

Coach / TMA talent professional

“Where there is a will, a way arises.”

“I happily guide coachees in finding meaning in work and life. I get satisfaction and energy from coaching people in the versatile search in life.

Together we look for those talents and skills of yours that can help you achieve this goal. I support you to find the place that is right for you.

In my own life my dismissal made me experience what it feels like to be out of work and to be looking for a new job.

In addition, I experienced that dismissal affected me in different ways.  I used my “off” time to search for meaning. Now I’m better aware of what I want and what I can do. My wonderful family, my wife and two young children are a source of inspiration and support.

I graduated as an occupational therapist. An occupational therapist guides people in independently performing meaningful activities. I specialized in job support. As a result, I know better than anyone what restrictions in your work can do to you. In addition, I followed a training on stress and burnout guidance.

By working for Dynamisch Bureau I have the opportunity to work as a self-employed and thus make my own choices concerning my workload. At the same time I have colleagues at DynamischBureau with whom I can confer and also exchange network contacts and ideas.

My way of coaching can best be described as “no-nonsense”. I am very passionate and find it motivating when we achieve results together. I characterize myself as very optimistic, enthusiastic and naturally curious. You will notice that I always intend to support you in your quest in which you are “behind the wheel” and can take your own responsibility.”

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