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Meet our team

At Dynamisch Bureau we believe that everyone matters. We want everyone to have an opportunity to develop and flourish, to be authentic and to do what suits him or her.

We support employees and teams with a higher educational background in optimally using their talents. Talents become clear, results improve and people find work close to their heart. All coaches have a great social drive and together we want to contribute to increasing happiness at work.

The career coaches are registered with Noloc, the professional association of career professionals and job coaches. Everyone is unique, and so are our coaches. Meet the coaches and read more about their professional backgrounds and what they stand for.

Maaike Pronk team

Maaike Pronk, Commercial director / Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Get up ONE more time than you fell down and you will succeed.”

“With my company Dynamisch Bureau I want to contribute to the prevention of dismissal and illness by matching work and people’s talents as much as possible. If dismissal or illness does occur, I like to help people “make the most” of these difficult situations, so that they can create a positive new start.

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Monica Scheffer, Operational director / Career coach / TMA talent professional

“A path is made by walking on it.”

“My mission is to make people stronger in their work. When people participate in work which matches with who they are and what they can do, it provides more fun, satisfaction and energy.”

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Arjan uit de Bosch, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Are you looking for answers? I have the questions!”

“Lots of people get asked to make career choices in their early years. I reckon you can’t make those in your teenage years or early twenties due to the lack of experience in life.  At this point a lot of wronges choices are made. Later on you’ll find yourself in a situation where you are forced to look at your career again”

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Atie van

Atie van Gennip, Coach / TMA talent professional

“Happiness depends on how we see it.”

“Being raised as a child in a large family, I am fascinated by the differences between people and the effects of their behavior. There is a lot in life we can’t control, but we do have a choice in how we respond to these events.”

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Barbara martinus

Barbara Martinus, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Your story is the source of wisdom.”

“As a coach, I let you explore “your own story”. I use my sincere curiosity and enthusiasm to listen to you and ask questions. Why have you taken certain turns in your life? What bumps and pitfalls did you encounter and what were the right paths for you? What have you learned from your experience?

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Cees Eenhoorn, coach / TMA talent professional

“Where there is a will, a way arises.”

“I happily guide coachees in finding meaning in work and life. I get satisfaction and energy from coaching people in the versatile search in life.

Together we look for those talents and skills of yours that can help you achieve this goal. I support you to find the place that is right for you.”

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Conny van

Conny van Leeuwen-Baart, Career coach / TMA talent professional

” Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try .”

“At some point in your life you may think: “is this it? ” and “do I want to keep doing this until my retirement?” Maybe you are looking for a new challenge in your work to find more energy, balance or meaning. I recognize your position. Sometimes it is time to consciously choose a new way.”

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Denise van Marwijk, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“The recipe: work from your heart!”

“I believe that following your heart in combination with a pinch of common sense can get you to the workplace that suits you best. I like to guide you to (re) find your talents and use them in th right workplace.”

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Dominique van Wingerden, coach / TMA talent professional

“Know yourself, live your unique mission”

“I believe we all have a unique mission. A combination of our desires, talents and drives. As soon as we start using our heads to carry out what our hearts tells us, we will build a more loving world together.”

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van Hulzen

Hélène van Hulzen-Zuidgeest, Career coach / TMA Talent Professional

“It is better to start moving and change course than to stand still!”

“You are in motion throughout your career and life, no matter how big or small the change is. Sometimes you make a decision yourself, sometimes it is made for you. I like to guide you in your career “movements”.

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van de Ree

Karin Kleijwegt, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Slowing down or stopping will help you move forward.”

“If you no longer want to do your old job or if you’re no longer able to do it, it is good to think about the next step. What do you want or what can you (still) do? I like to help you pause to deliberately reflect and find answers. “Stopping helps you move forward.”

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van der Kroon

Kitty van der Kroon, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Create your own future now before someone else does it for you.”

“Coaching puts people first, not the process. It is good to be able to help the person you coach find a new job, but it is even better to give him or her the tools and skills to be in control from now on.”

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Linda Hennig-Wijmer, coach / TMA talent professional

“See which beautiful story is being created!”

“Life is a road full of experiences and lessons. What you find on your way shapes your life. I woud like to say “embrace it and learn from it.” Use and create opportunities in your life, even if the unknown is sometimes scary. Accept that you are not in control of everything and see which beautiful story is being created!”

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Lourens Touwen, coach / TMA talent professional

“Knowing is not enough: we must apply. Willing is not enough: we must do.”

“We want to have a nice, maybe even good, job. We want to achieve something. And we would like our work to make us happier. But how do you achieve that? What is a sensible, balanced way of looking at work and then finding it?

As a coach I guide you in your quest to find an answer to your work and career questions, aligned to your phase of life. I do this by entering into “the real” dialogue with you.

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Marijke Haisma, coach / TMA talent professional

‘You are fine the way you are.’

“A simple, yet inspiring phrase. Everyone participates, everyone counts. People, human contact and what you need are central to me. Based on that view, together we look at what is necessary to make you feel good again and to find a job that suits you. I will help you moving, explore new ways and take powerful steps.”

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Marion Plugge, coach / TMA talent professional

‘Temporariness that lasts.’

“People fascinate me enormously; it is with good reason that I once studied Sociology. Coaching is my passion and life: I get inspired from every conversation and I always get something out of it.”

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Nicole Kroesen, Coach / TMA talent professional

“You don’t have to be able to see the whole path to take the first step.”

“Sometimes you embark on a path in your life, but you feel drawn to another one. And sometimes you run around in circles for a long time before you find the right way. I once graduated as a company lawyer, but when I started working, the “human side” turned out to suit me more than the rules, the legal side.”

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Nienke Douma, Coach

“What makes you tick?”

“I always see the talents of people around me. I like to make sure that people find work in which their talents are shown to their best and the world becomes a little more beautiful. That is why the work at Dynamisch Bureau fits me like a glove. “

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Petra van Schagen, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Life is so short, do what gives you pleasure.”

“As a daughter from an entrepreneurial family I have known from an early start what self-reliance means. Incentives such as “you will have to do it yourself, someone else will not do it for you” have brought me a lot. Later on, I discovered that this could also turn against me. By not asking for help and not setting boundaries for myself, I often “lingered” for too long in a position that no longer gave me job satisfaction. I now use this experience in my work as a career coach.”

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Ron Felius, Career coach

“I do not care what you do, I care what it does to you.”

“For 20 years now, I have been coaching people in making choices for their careers and turning them into action. I had the pleasure of taking a look behind the scenes at many companies. I have gained an incredible wealth of experience. I am happy to share this experience with you!”

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Sanne Hoogervorst, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Be yourself because no one is better at that than you.”

“Basically my work as a career coach is about three questions: who am I, what can I do and what do I want? I always add a fourth: how do I achieve that? I coach you to get your unique answers to these questions. This is always customized.”

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Saskia Roosen, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“Many small steps will take you far!”

“Early on in life I learned that if I wanted to change something, I could make my own choices and take action. I learned to listen to what felt right at the time and to take the necessary steps, however scary I thought that would be.

With great pleasure I now guide other people in learning to make their own choices and to get moving. Many small steps will take them far!”

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Twan Fenger

Suzanne Palmen, Career coach / TMA talent professional

“You can’t direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails.”

“With the conviction that every person has the ability to develop, provided the circumstances to support this, I have been guiding people who want to develop for more than 25 years. This often goes without a well-defined “where” and “how”: it revolves around the question “why?”.”

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Twan Fenger

Wil Vernhout, Career coach

“Every walk in nature brings us more than we seek.”

“I grew up in a large family with 12 children. The many brothers and sisters taught me how to survive in a group. I had and still have a handicap in my legs, which presented an extra challenge. Often I had to quite literally fall and get back up again. My family offered me every opportunity to develop into who I have become today.”

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