Ruud Zwijnenburg: “After years of working as an IT-CRM specialist, I found myself in the situation where it was announced that I was going to lose my job.”

Ruud Zwijnenburg

“On the recommendation of the HR advisor of my previous employer, I came into contact with Dynamisch Bureau for an outplacement project. The announced loss of my job after 23 years coincided with worrisome family circumstances, which made the experience even less pleasant at the time.

In my outplacement project, I wanted to increase my chances in the labour market, gain insight into the current labour market, receive coaching in making the right choices and improve my job application skills. I also wanted to learn to use my network more effectively. Dynamisch Bureau seemed to me to be able to offer support on all fronts.

I had already started with orientation on the labour market myself, with the help of a coach in Ontwikkeladvies via the Nederland Leert Door initiative. In addition, I also contacted the trade union De Unie, from which I received very good legal advice at the time. Later I continued training and obtained my IT certificate, which was very useful for my CV.

My experience with Dynamisch Bureau has been very good. The coaches involved are pleasant to deal with and very knowledgeable with up-to-date knowledge of the labour market. I also liked the phased approach: the TMA analysis, creating a modern CV, making optimal use of LinkedIn, building a network and registering on vacancy websites. Then the preparation for job interviews and retrospective evaluations of those interviews. In each phase there was extensive coaching and I received useful, practical tips.

It was a tough journey that I could never have gone through on my own. The project has also given me useful insights about what kind of position suits me best. But especially building up an extensive (LinkedIn) network with former colleagues, recruiters, companies and recruitment agencies has created great opportunities. I look forward to continuing to maintain this built network!

With the help of the coach, I also gained more insight into making the right choices, such as applying for the right positions, following the right training, obtaining an IT certificate and doing good preparation in all phases of the application process.

After an intensive search I have now found a new job in which I can continue to develop in my specialism, learn new things every day, meet new people and enjoy going to work again. In a company with a pleasant atmosphere and a good future.

My advice? Use the advice you get from your coaches and you will see that this leads to success. Be patient if it all takes a little longer, eventually you will reach your goal!

And in the unlikely event that you lose your job: contact your union so that they can help you with the negotiations with the HR department. Don’t burn ships behind you, try to leave your employer in good harmony because that is a valuable reference in job applications! Arrange for good coaching at all stages, both when leaving your employer and when looking for a new job. It is also important to continue to actively develop yourself (via online courses, textbooks, exams), so that you become increasingly attractive to potential employers.”