Monique van der Weijden: “My coach understood me right away and knew how to support me in the different steps I took. Also, whenever I needed a kick up the bum, I got one.”

Monique van der Weijden

I found Dynamisch Bureau by chance via the Internet and it turned out to be one of the agencies recommended by HR. So, that seemed promising! I read the profile of my coach and I immediately knew: I must talk to this woman, she will understand me.

I went through a few tough years at the government organisation where I worked, which had had a major impact on me and my family. I was incapacitated for work for some time and was therefore looking for a coach for a second-line labour reintegration (Spoor 2).

Before the start of the reintegration programme, I had already done a lot of (self-) research, followed a mindfulness training and various webinars, and had conversations with professionals, friends and colleagues.

I found the counselling extremely pleasant, warm, personal and also professional. My coach understood me right away and knew how to support and encourage me in the various steps I took. Also, whenever I needed a kick up the bum, I got one. The feeling that I was understood and appreciated by my coach and that I could go to her with questions and doubts helped me a lot. The interviews gave me a clearer idea of my new job direction.

By now, my reintegration has been completed and I am temporarily seconded to another government organisation where I can contribute to a very valuable assignment: handling access requests to the war archives of the Red Cross. I am delighted to be back at work in a friendly environment where I can work with great colleagues. The fact that I feel much better in my work also has a positive influence on my family and other aspects of my life.

I can therefore warmly recommend everyone to start working with a coach with whom you feel connected. Dare to take a good look at yourself and what you find important. This will make it easier to take the first steps towards something new.

My working future is still open, as my secondment will end on 1 March 2021. I just started to look at vacancies again. I hope to be working in a more permanent job in a few months’ time.

A personal message for others? Geez… Go with the flow, enjoy the ride, everything will be fine!