Marieke Korst: “The process helped me to put things into perspective: everything will be fine in the end. I quickly found a nice other job, too.”

Marieke Korst

“I worked as a headmaster in elementary education and that was becoming a bad match for me. I wanted to do something else. I had many ideas, but found it difficult to become concrete and really go for something new. I went looking for guidance through Google and I found Dynamic Bureau. The personal aspect of the website appealed to me very much and Dynamisch Bureau investigates together with you which work really suits you. That’s what I wanted.

The introductory meeting with the coach of Dynamisch Bureau was comprehensive. The course that followed then matched up well with what I needed at the time. A task to describe your ideal life was very valuable to me because it helped me to zoom out and not only think about work but to sketch a broader picture.

The coach was flexible and adjusted the process several times when a job came my way sooner than expected. This meant that every meeting was relevant and of added value.

I now enjoy going to my new job as a Teamteacher every day. I am back teaching and, together with my colleagues, I am responsible for looking at how we can make our education even better. The organisation suits me better as a person and I notice that my work-life balance is now good.

The process helped me to focus on what I think is important and which job, organisation and colleagues fit in. It also helped me to put things into perspective: everything will be fine in the end.

Are you in a similar situation to the one I was in then? Take heart and above all don’t do it alone. A coach is really worth the money. It helps you to work step by step towards not only a different job but ultimately also a different life. The choices you make will have an impact on more than just your work situation. Use today’s shit as manure for the future!”