“Thanks to the guidance, I took the step to start my own company.”

Because of the insights I gained at Dynamisch Bureau and the enthusiasm of my coach, I took the step to start as an independent entrepreneur! My coach was involved and objective. She used various techniques that I could use in order to get clarity. That also meant that I had a lot of influence on this process.

I used to be an HR manager and a department manager at a small company with about 50 employees. I slowly realised that due to the diversity in my job responsibilities, I no longer knew what I was good at and what I liked doing. This made me feel insecure about my performance and my future and also a bit aimless with regard to a possible next job.

When I started the program at Dynamisch Bureau the company was sold and I was made redundant, which made it even more necessary to clarify what my strengths are and what I liked. The guidance program has been an excellent help in this.

I now own ‘De Ondernemerswinkel’, where I offer entrepreneurs a place where you can work on starting out and developing your ow business. I rent out workshop space and offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to network among themselves.

My personal message: “work with a coach and discover and do what suits you!”