Burnout coaching for higher educated people

Do you go to work with less pleasure? Do you experience tension, complaints or fatigue? Are you worried about your health? Don’t wait too long with such complaints and start with our burnout coaching. Together with a coach, you will work on the challenges within your job, so that you will go to work with more self-confidence and pleasure.

Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the situations below:

  • You find it hard to get out of bed in the morning in order to go to work;
  • You know you got more to offer than you are currently showing;
  • You are aware that you are grumble about your work situation;
  • You experience tension, complaints and/or are fatigue;
  • You worry a lot about your work and you’re not sleeping well;
  • At work you often have trouble controlling your emotions;
  • You noticed that you call in sick more and more often for a few days to get your “mojo” back;

It is important not to ignore these signals and seek help. Dynamisch Bureau has years of experience in guiding people in similar situations.

Together with a personal coach from Dynamisch Bureau you will quickly gain more insight into your options to improve your work situation, and you will work on the desired coaching goals. 

Together we stand strong!

Coordination with your manager can be part of this, so that you are supported at work in the desired (behavioral) changes.


What burnout coaching offers you:

  • Going to work with (more) pleasure;
  • More confidence;
  • Reduction or disappearance of complaints;
  • You are better at setting boundaries;
  • You worry less and your sleep improves;
  • Personal development in the areas that need attention;
  • You no longer have to call in sick that much anymore.

Take yourself seriously

We often offer 10 or 15 coaching hours for burnout coaching. A TMA Talent Analysis can be part of our offer. Take your complaints seriously and discuss with us what we can do for you.